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Training and Activities

SEMAN, in association with AEPC/ESAP, has conducted different PV related trainings like Solar Electric Technicians Level- I Training (Mandatory course for installation of Solar Home Systems), Solar Electric Technician Level –II (Designed for Repair & Maintenance) and Training of Trainers (ToT) for Solar Electric Technicians. It has also conducted several orientation trainings for school teachers and company staffs. Meanwhile, it has gone through a number of research and studies and exhibitions as well. The details of the trainings and activities carried out in the past by SEMAN are as follows:-

S.N Name of Training No. of Training No. of Participants Remarks
Solar Electric Technician Level - I Training
60 3600  
2. Solar Electric Technician Level - II Training 22 600  
3. Solar Electric Technician Level - I Refresher Training 1 27  
4. Solar Electric Technician Level - II Refresher Training 3 78  
5. Orientation Training for Field Staffs of Solar PV Companies  7 251  
6. Training of Trainers (ToT)/ Large Scale Solar PV Training for Engineers   300  
7. Research Works 1    
  i)     Study on Status of Solar Energy Sector-2002 1    
ii)    Study on Status of Solar Energy Sector-2004 1    
iii)   Study on Status of Solar Energy Sector-2006 1    
iv)   Study on Capacity Gap Identification of SPV companies for dissemination of SHS/SSHS (2006)      
8. Several Exhibitions in different times and places      
9. Several Exhibitions of Solar Energy Selector - 2002   5  

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