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Solar Electric Manufacturers Association Nepal (SEMAN) is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political professional business association, which represent all the Solar PV Electric Industries in Nepal and registered in District Administration Office, Katmandu. It was established in B.S. 2057/4/20 (A.D. 2000/8/4) and the registration number is 39/057/058. SEMAN is an association of Solar electric manufacturing and trading companies, which is capable of executing the PV, related works. It has already handled several PV related training like Solar Electric Technicians Level - I and Solar Electric Technician Level - II. It has also conducted several orientation training for school teachers and company staffs. Learn More
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Message from SEMAN President

Message from SEMAN President


  • SEMAN hits 20 years! A young age in the real world but an age of maturity in the Solar PV sector and an eternity in the renewable world. In a fast-changing world, with its hopes and challenges, this is the occasion to extend our thanks to SEMAN for the help it gives the public sector, notably the City of Kathmandu, in placing open source centre stage in digital strategies for enhanced sharing and transparency.

  • Very professional people. Great work and support. Chris and Luke paid attention to every details for the project. Love the monitoring system, Enlighten, for minute by minute production report. My peak production is as expected and claimed by the panel manufacturers. Higher temperature reduces the electricity production and that is something the industry needs to work on.

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